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[RQ] Viktor Pipenko :iconreaimer:ReAimer 7 2 ~ C A T O ~ :iconreaimer:ReAimer 6 10 [MMD] Determination WIP (GIF) :iconreaimer:ReAimer 10 5 [MMD x UTWIP] Fade Away [GIF] :iconreaimer:ReAimer 10 31 Shelter WIP :iconreaimer:ReAimer 9 4 : P H A N T A S M : :iconreaimer:ReAimer 11 0 Practice Only! :iconreaimer:ReAimer 4 0 : C O N T R A S T : :iconreaimer:ReAimer 13 0 [MMD x WIP] Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (PREVIEW/GIF) :iconreaimer:ReAimer 14 2 Ib WIP... :iconreaimer:ReAimer 7 6 :CRINGEMAS SQUAD: :iconreaimer:ReAimer 15 5 a WIP emerges from the void... :iconreaimer:ReAimer 5 0 i'm BROKEN... :iconreaimer:ReAimer 10 21 U % 3 f # n E $ ! :iconreaimer:ReAimer 12 0 : J U S T B E F R I E N D S : :iconreaimer:ReAimer 3 6 : R A I N : :iconreaimer:ReAimer 12 2
Feel free to browse my ugly and messy work! ^^;


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People who made "these"are awesome! :D


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[RQ] Viktor Pipenko
Request from :iconjadelh:

Sorry if it took so long for me to post this....things just keep getting in my way and only the front cam of my phone is working. I'm trying to post the other requests.....
Better quality coming soon....
Posting some drawing requests soon....for some reason my front cam is still working....
~ C A T O ~
(Better quality coming soon, hopefully...)

This is my entry for :iconquinditty: 's Birthday Contest!

Hopefully it looks ok....that camera angle tho...

Cato © Quinditty

Be sure to check that out guys! You're free to join! :D
Can't wait to see what you guys do...
[MMD] Determination WIP (GIF)

I'm working on Determination rn
This is Chara's part lol


Model by Horipu
Undertale (C) Toby Fox
Song by djsmell and Lollia
[MMD x UTWIP] Fade Away [GIF]

another one....yep
i discovered this song not so long ago and nearly forgot about it!
hopefully it looks ok....any tips? :)

Frisk and Heart by :iconmagicalpouchofmagic:
The Barrier by :iconwishuponacrane:
God Asriel by :iconmmdsatoshi:
Chaos Saber by :icondj-cool-2000:
which was ported by :iconkumiko-shiva:

UNDERTALE is owned by Toby Fox. Buy it!
Sorry I'm not able to post the drawing requests...I can't connect to my phone's camera
Got tagged by :iconslymarie: last December 2, 2016! 

1. You have to post ALL the Rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves. 
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer. 
4. Choose 13 people. (Choose who u want)
5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people. ( dont hav too)
6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags. (it isn't obligatory XD)
7. Tag-backs are ALLOWED. 
8. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking ABOUT the entry.
9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator tells you. (It's fine, you don't have to if you don't want to )
10. Be creative with the title. No " I got tagged" stuff


1.who do you ship?
* I dunno...i dun shp any1
2.Does my name "Sly" fits to me?
*It surely does! You're sly...kinda...(kill rn)
then if not then what will you name me?
...i don't think i need to answer this one XD
3.who do you ship yourself with?
*No'n! moment in your life?
*When I hit my teacher with a volleyball(ball?) very hard! :D
5.What is your dream since you were a kid?
*Doctor, scientist, teacher, engineer....wew that's alot!
6.favorite youtube video?

!It's an inspiration!

7.Oh no the monster apocalypse is coming you will turned into a monster..what kind of monster would you want to be?
(if you answer being a werewolf I will call you a furry)
*a dragon! (not a monster probably)
...too common?
*a Sigma Notation! XD
So every one would fear me cuz they hate math lmao
8.My challenge is to watch this whole video:
How'a bout no...? I'm running out of time!
9.If you are a coach and your student is your bf/gf/lover and he/she is a athletic skater and he/she dreams to won a golden medal someday and he/she says that he will give you something round and golden for Christmas.
then what kind of round and golden thing it is?
a golden medal or a proposal ring ;) (Wink):) (Smile):) (Smile)
*A dragon ball
(if you were aromantic it's up to you if you going to answer this or not XD)
(sorry if the question is very confusing I'm not good at grammar lol)
10.Have you played mystic messenger?
*Nope...perhaps not now *period question mark*
then which route is the best route for you?
11.What's your sexual orientation?
*Well, I'm a guy and I'm attracted to girls...if that's not obvious enough lol
12.How would you feel when one of your bestest friend hates your most favorite interest?
(I'm just running out of questions OKAY)
"*GASP! how dare you!?* oh ok, i don't like that too! haha" *insert sarcastic laughter here*
13.Who is your one of your bestest friend on devianart?(only one because I love to see you suffer) 
First it was :iconslymarie:
then it was :iconquinditty:
then it was :iconamgneth:
then it was all three of you...

but the first one can never be replaced...SlyMarie! :D :D

is it okay if i didn't tag anyone?
Ok...getting kinda bored decided to do this!
You can let me draw your OCs or some shtuffzz...just no Boku no Pico shit or any kind of hentai you're thinkin' rn.....


Comment down below your requests!


EDIT: NO "MLP" AS WELL!!! please...just no....
  • Listening to: Re:Pray by Aimer
  • Reading: Stuff on screen....deerrh!
  • Watching: Screen...?
  • Playing: Laptop *period question mark*
  • Eating: No'n
  • Drinking: My saliva

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What's that? You want to know more about me?
Well, too bad.... I'm a nobody......

Nahh! Just Kidding! Well don't you worry about that.

Sup guys! Im ReAimer [a.k.a.( up there -.- ) ]...
Sorry, but there is nothing you need to know about me! ;)

. .
. . .
. . . .

Except maybe for the fact that I am forgetful... :|

.: Favourite UT / UT AU Characters! :.

Error Sans by paurachan Underswap Sans bouncy pagedoll! [F2U] by KyubeyGirl Sans bouncy pagedoll! [F2U] by KyubeyGirl Underfell Sans bouncy pagedoll! [F2U] by KyubeyGirl
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About my interests down there....not really titles, but genres or something.....


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